Maktoob Essential Fragrance Oils Roll On


Introducing the first series of the Maktoob Fragrance oils w/ roll on. Apply the oils onto your body, clothes, or oil burner for a good smelling scent. With average use the big bottle will last one year, regular size six months.

Blue Nile for Men - Fresh aquatic smell perfect for any occasion.

Destiny's Secret for Women - Floral aromatic smell people will never forget.

Why oils are better than perfumes 

- Oils are natural, no alcohol or added chemicals. This allows your skin to stay clean and fresh.
- Fragrance oils take longer to break down so the smell lasts much longer, sometimes for days.
- When you sweat, the oil mixes with your skin so you have less of an odor.

Applying oil on your body

1. Shake the bottle and rub the oil onto both wrists, left and right side of your neck , back of your ears,both armpits on shirt and body.  2-3 rubs in each area back and forth is a good amount. 

2. After the oil is applied spread it around.

Applying oil on clothes

1. Grab a wash cloth or small towel and dampen it a bit.

2. Add a couple drops of oil onto the cloth. 

3. Place your garments with the scented cloth in the dryer for 15 minutes.

*Fragrance may last a few days to weeks when applied on garments

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