Maktoob in Arabic means "It's Written". In the religion of Islam, [Maktoob] indicates that God understands what is to come in our lives because he has written our destiny 💫

   The Maktoob Clothing brand was created and founded in 2020 by Montaser "Victory" Aidah in 2020 after reading the book "The Alchemist". A story about a shepherd who goes on a journey to find treasure, but realizes it is his personal destiny that he is actually searching for. He learns to focus on his own journey, despite the influences of society. He trusted the signs that god showed him along the way, and learned from his mistakes in order to advance forward in his destiny.

   This book gave Victory a clear vision, and was crucial point in his life. With that came the desire to spread the message of "Maktoob" in order to give people a better sense of clarity in their lives. Alas, Maktoob Clothing was created.


Maktoob Clothing's purpose is to educate the people on the definition of Maktoob and that everyone is destined for greatness. Don't worry about why things are happening but instead to focus on how to keep moving forward. Everything great in life requires hard work and sacrifice. 

You may start to think that if our lives are written then whatever you do doesn't matter? But remember this - Everyone that goes through hell eventually gets to heaven. #ItsWritten